Monday, May 19, 2014

Brake-O-Rama checks out Body Kits

The Body Kit Trends You See in the Industry

The biggest trends in body kits today are Lambo Doors, and car spoilers. Body kits and ground effects started to boom on the streets of today after the arrival of the mega-popular movie, “The Fast and the Furious”. The 2001 movie depicted the lives of street racers, those who chose to take their aerodynamic machines onto the roads and see which can go the fastest. Each car was shown with numerous “pimped out” materials literally covering the car. From the front bumper to the back, these cars were hot. Obviously, the sequel “2 Fast 2 Furious” kept the body kit scene alive and moving as people watched these flicks and rushed out to make their cars look similar in style and flair.
Following these movies were a string of street racing clips that started hitting the lower markets, yet appealed to anyone striving for more car videos. As the videos kept coming in, body kits continued to take off.
Lambo doors are the fashionable sliding doors that are held by a bolt and turn vertically at a 90 degree angle. Lambos work best for two door cars (yet can easily be done on almost any car or truck due to hinges), enabling each passenger to step out as the doors mechanically move up. These are the doors that we introduced throughout the Fast and Furious movies, and they obviously grab a lot of looks upon stepping out of your vehicle. The doors are highly aerodynamic, and they are reminiscent of a race car or an expensive sports car.
Spoilers are the other major trend in the body kit market. When you think of race cars in NASCAR or street racing on city pavement, one of the first thoughts you are bound to have is the raised backs coming from the cars’ tail-ends. These stylish attachments, better known as car spoilers, come in many shapes and sizes (depending on makes and models of the car), and they will give your car a faster look and a sleek air mover. Whether the car is used for drag racing or just driving through town, a back spoiler maintains the image of speed and fashion. A hood scoop would give your car a similar “Fast” appearance.
The body kit market, though, hasn’t just been influenced by trends.  Another influencer on the body kit market is the emergence of popular Japanese cars. Cars from companies such as Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda,  and Suzuki are making some real waves in the body kit scene.
The Japanese car market has been providing many people with cars that are made out of the highest quality, sport and utility, at a pretty low cost – and increasingly, these cars can be pretty stylish! This international car market has expounded on the body kit enthusiasts even more so, as now they have a car that seems like it is made to be perfected. While many American made cars are fairly solid pieces of machinery, the majority of these foreign cars have the shape (body lines) already built in to assume a position of speed. Those involved with designing these cars had aerodynamics in mind and developed the cars to fit that profile.
If you are all about turning your car into a machine that has race car styles, then a Japanese car is probably the best place to start. Sure, you may never have the engine capabilities of a Jeff Gordon race car, but with the right body kit, you can have the look.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Zalman Silber by Thomas Stanger

When one thinks of the term "business savvy" many names come to mind, Zalman Silber is one of them. Since his employment at New York Life Insurance Company, Silber has taken the world of business by storm, exploring various aspects of business including virtual entertainment, financial services and administration.
"I am always extremely gratified to see my business visions come to fruition and blossom into successful enterprises," says Silber.
Silber was featured in Inc. magazine's How to Get Your First Great Idea; the article highlighted the origins of his multi-million dollar entertainment business. Originally, Silber was an agent of the Ne
w York Life Insurance Company, located in New York's famous Empire State Building. Witnessing the constant rush of people crowding the elevators to see New York's skyscape, he developed the idea of simulated helicopter tours of the Big Apple.
The result of this innovative idea was the tourist attraction known as the New York Skyride. The appeal of the concept was so great Silber raised $6.2 million in a stock offering that took place prior to the ride being built. According to Inc. magazine, Silber said, "The lesson in the story is, capitalize on and benefit from existing infrastructure."
Zalman Silber's love for entrepreneurship is evident through the establishment of businesses, including Tower Entertainment, Inc. Located in New York and Australia, this international company focuses on the operation and development of next generation entertainment facilities. Another acclaimed attraction created by the company is Sydney Tower's Skywalk, a 45 minute walk with an eagle's eye view of the city.
Not only does Silber dabble in the shrewd world of business but his alternative lifestyle is in the world of philanthropy where his reputation precedes him. As a firm believer of education, giving back to the community and remembering one's roots, Silber provides financial and moral support for many educational institutions such as his alma mater Columbia University's Sy Syms School of Business where he has served as an adjunct professor. His volunteer extends across the seas to Meor Hatorah, one of the largest organizations of its kind in Israel in its mission to spread the teachings of the Torah within the Jewish world. Silber's involvement also extends to organizations and those in need such as Shvilim and Nachal Novea.
"I have been blessed with the good fortune of being successful enough in my many business pursuits to apply a bit of this wealth toward helping those less fortunate than I," says Silber. "I am a firm believer that if every human being did his or her part, the world would truly be a far better place." Silber serves the human experience with a magnitude of attention making him a leading entrepreneur and humanitarian.

About the Author

Zalman Silber, often known as the "Business Whizkid" was the creator and operator of the world famous New York Skyride in the Empire State Building in New York. you can read more about Zalman Silber